Trailer Repair Services

Trailer Repairs

Since 1977, our locally owned business has been repairing and servicing trailers at an affordable price. Ensure that you have a trailer on the road for years to come without breaking the bank.

Sand Blasting & Painting

We also offer Sand blasting and painting. We will sand blast anything you may have just give us a call. We have one the largest sand blasting facilities around.

Custom Weilding

We can weild anything steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


We perform testing on MC/DOT 307/407, MC/DOT 306/406, MC/Dot 312/412, and also 331. We can do the five year testing and the annual testing on all hazmat trailers along with testing smart hoses, wet mag particle, thickness testing.

Speciality Services

We trouble shoot and repair all loading systems like Scully, Ciavcon, Flowtech, Garnet, and Finch systems. We have a steam rack for hot water flush and we can acid wash trailers. We can do bob truck swipes on new and used tanks or trucks.

Other Services

We can do full refurbs on all trailers including the 331’s. We do spring ride to air ride swipes. We also do work on dry bulk and asphalt trailers. We can do minor repairs or full roll over jobs.

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